Novo Celje. Lastniki, arhitektura in oprema najlepšega dvorca v Savinjski dolini

The monograph provides a comprehensive presentation of the architecture and former furnishings of the luxurious Baroque manor Novo Celje Manor and its predecessor, Plumberk Manor. It is based on a methodology that highlights the estate's owners, since the author understands the role of the commissioners as crucial. Their ambitions, education and cosmopolitism determined the architectural and art commissions as well as the selection of artists. Between 1756 and 1761, exellent architect, artist and craftsmen were employed by Anton Count Gaisruck, to rebuilt the Plumberk Manor into one of the most magnificent Baroque manors in Slovenia and furnish it with exquisite stucco, ceiling paintings, painted wallpapers, paintings, statues and furniture. The book brings new insights into the art commissions of the Gaisruck heirs and life in the manor during the time of Joseph Ludwig Hausmann, the princes of Salm-Reifferschaidt-Krautheim and barons Turković. It tackles the dispersal of artworks and other furnishings after the sale of the manor to the state and the routes of artworks to museums and private collections.


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28. May 2024

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