Until I Become Home. A collaborative newspaper publication


Zied Abdellaoui (ed.)
Jošt Franko (ed.)

Until I Become Home is a collaborative newspaper publication that focuses on the Balkan refugee route as well as communities and individuals that try to traverse it. The publication looks at the numerous journeys that people on the move make before they reach their desired safe haven in Europe. While attempting to reach Europe, people fleeing war, conflict, poverty, or persecution are often pushed to the fringes, forced to live precariously in refugee camps, abandoned buildings, or improvised shelters in the forest. The thick forests along the Balkan refugee route not only offer invisibility to people on the move, but they also utterly mask the institutionalized violence committed by the European Union member states, which use brutal means and tactics, to deter migration while increasingly criminalizing solidarity shown by the local population. On the other hand, the collaborative newspaper publication also aims to negotiate the invisibility of those who seek shelter in Europe by offering statements, poetry, oral histories, essays as well as a visual archive and collected images from the route.

Contributions were prepared by Mohamad Abdul Monaem, Zied Abdellaoui, Vahida and Walid*, Matiullah Intizar, Zahra and Yasmin*, Desmond Happy and Wassim Gujjar. Edited by Zied Abdellaoui and Jošt Franko.

Co-published with Kunsthaus Graz.


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30. May 2024


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