Folklorno gradivo iz Tera – 1940. Terenski zapisi Milka Matičetovega


Barbara Ivančič Kutin (ed.)
Monika Kropej Telban (ed.)

Milko Matičetov (1919-2014) collected the folklore material presented in this book among the people of Venetian Slovenia, more precisely the Ter/Torre Valley, as a student at the University of Padua in 1940, but until now it remained mostly unpublished.

Eight decades later, we now present it in a scientific critical edition, in phonetic transcription and translation into standard Slovenian, and with commentaries by the author of the collected material and supplemented by the editors. We have also added introductory texts that place this fieldwork material in the context of various aspects. The material is first analysed through the prism of historical and social conditions on the territory of Venetian Slovenia and the Ter/Torre Valley in the last century and a half. The following chapter focuses on Milko Matičetov's recollections and (self-)reflexive views on fieldwork in the Ter/Torre Valley in 1940 and his theoretical reflections. The chapter with an overview of the genres and motifs of these folklore units contains an analysis of the collected material, which includes 47 fairy tales and short stories, 22 of which were included in the international classification (ATU). The material is then presented from the point of view of Milko Matičetov's linguistic-editorial interventions and the brief description of the dialectal features of the Ter/Torre dialect. The central part of the book consists of folklore texts, accompanied by metadata and a list of selected dialect words from the texts.

Milko Matičetov's fieldwork material is now usable for scientific research, while the translations into standard Slovenian make the material accessible to a wide range of interested readers.


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19. May 2022

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