Glasbeno in plesno delovanje žensk s priseljenskim ozadjem v Sloveniji

While many people have a formed opinion of them, few really know the musical and dance creativity of women shaped by the immigrant experience. Alma Bejtullahu's book (' Musical And Dance Practices Of Women With Immigrant Background') sheds light on part of their rich cultural and artistic activities within the cultural societiens, namely the diverse approaches to music and dance practices through which women express their immigrant and ethnic backgrounds in the Western Balkan countries. Women of different ages are involved in this amateur and socially engaged activity, which is rooted in a variety of personal circumstances and experiences. In the societies, they often learn the standardised performance practices that they use to recreate the musical traditions of their countries of origin. In addition to the above, the book also examines the musical practices of women artists who work as individuals, outside the confines of cultural societies, and who are predominantly professional musicians. Their distinctive feature is an individualised creative attitude towards the music of the Western Balkans, which they interpret in their own unique ways, often collaborating with musicians of other ethnicities. In all these processes of re-creation, women play a key role, not only as performers, but also as organizers, which enables them to decide about their practices and thus change the levers of power in their communities and in the society at large.

Co-publisher: Kulturni center Danilo Kiš


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13. June 2024


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