Sledi in podobe izročila. Izbrani etnološki spisi 1


Helena Ložar-Podlogar

Sledi in podobe izročila. Izbrani etnološki spisi 1 ('Traces and Images of Tradition: Selected Ethnological Writings 1', edited by Jurij Fikfak) presents texts published in various journals and volumes by Helena Ložar-Podlogar on rituals and beliefs. The researcher addresses milestones in the lives of individuals and communities, such as birth, marriage, and death. She explores marriage customs in the Gail Valley, Prekmurje, the Rába Valley, Lower Carniola, and the Kočevje region, highlighting magical and symbolic practices. She also studies annual cyclical rituals such as Christmas, Easter, and Midsummer. She investigates carnival rituals on the Banjšice Plateau and in the Bohinj Valley, Vrbica, Zagorica, and Ponikve, examining how traditional practices have adapted to modern times. Ložar-Podlogar researches folk devotion and beliefs, pilgrimage sites, and the beliefs and customs of shepherds. Her studies reveal how pre-Christian elements intertwine with Christian ones, and how these practices contribute to community cohesion. Her research is based on meticulous fieldwork, analysis of historical sources, and comparative studies, providing an in-depth understanding of cultural phenomena and their adaptations to contemporary times.

Through her work, Helena Ložar-Podlogar significantly contributes to the preservation and understanding of Slovenian cultural heritage.


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27. June 2024

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