Zgodnjesrednjeveška naselbina na blejski Pristavi / Frühmittelalterliche Siedlung Pristava in Bled. Tafonomija, predmeti in čas / Taphonomie, Fundgegenstände und zeitliche Einordnung


Andrej Pleterski

Pristava in Bled belongs among those archaeological sites which, in the extent and inter-connectedness of the information they provide, represent a pattern in which numerous general processes are revealed. In solving the puzzle of Pristava, we are also to a great extent settling altogether the generally unresolved problems of the Eastern Alps in the Early Middle Ages.

Firstly, a taphonomic analysis of the settlement is presented. This is followed by a classification of the earthenware and its absolute dating. In order to do this, a completely new dating procedure was developed. Although by no means simple, it has nevertheless proved to be both applicable and successful. It is now generally available and of assistance to all.

As support to this analysis and to similar studies yet to be undertaken in the profession, specialist contributions are provided. The first one may be ranked among experimental archaeology. It linvolves reconstruction of the manner of producing earthenware vessels without the use of the potters wheel. This approach also led to resolving the puzzle of the exceptional porosity of earthenware from NE Slovenia. The second contribution is an informatic-computer presentation demonstrating the application of algorithm for calculating the volume of vessels with an extruding rim, for which purpose the computer programme is made available. This is followed by a meteorological analysis of the exceptional weather event which occurred in summer of the year 676. On the Pristava in Bled, this caused a deluge layer which marks the stratigraphic demarcation line. The final part of the book comprises an analysis of the ancient finds from Pristava and from Blejski kot.


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14. September 2010

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