Raziskovanje slovenskega izseljenstva. Vidiki, pristopi, vsebine


Janja Žitnik Serafin (ed.)
Aleksej Kalc (ed.)

Academic and theoretical foundations of Slovenian emigration research were set at the University of Ljubljana in the 1930s. In the 1960s, more systematic, complex and multi-disciplinary Slovenian emigration research began to develop. As part of this process, Slovenian Migration Institute was established in 1982. The book was conceived upon the 30th anniversary of the Institute's affiliation to ZRC SAZU. Besides the Institute's researchers, some other scholars were invited to contribute chapters, especially members of younger generations who tend to test most up-to-date research approaches and treat their themes from new or under-researched angles.

The central part of the book is thus thematically divided into three sections: “Selected aspects of Slovenian emigration research”, “Approaches, methods, categorisation”, and “Topical issues”. With such thematic structure and contents, the book is primarily aimed at touching upon some new questions concerning the present state and future development of Slovenian emigration research, taking into account contemporary international trends in migration studies as well as some specificities pertaining to Slovenian emigration.


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22. December 2017


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