Upravljanje območij s kulturno dediščino


Nika Razpotnik Visković (ed.)

Comprehensive planning for cultural heritage areas must bring together social, cultural, economic, transport, and environmental aspects and promote active inclusion of various, and even conflicting, interest groups in a guided participatory process. In order for managers of such areas to best equip themselves with useful information, this book presents various topics that are important from the perspective of cultural heritage management: classification of cultural heritage, the role of UNESCO and its guidelines in protecting cultural heritage, and theoretical views on cultural heritage preservation. This is followed by a planning section, which presents environmental planning in areas with cultural heritage, the role of cultural heritage and protecting it, revitalization of old urban cores, and restoration of historical buildings and town centers. Contributions follow about public-private partnership, the development potentials of cultural heritage, the role of social entrepreneurship in renewing cultural heritage areas, the use of cultural heritage in trademarks, marketing cultural heritage, and responsible rural tourism connected with culture and cultural heritage. Other material presented includes sustainable transport solutions, geoinformation support for cultural heritage, and managing transnational cultural heritage areas. The volume concludes with a presentation of natural disasters in cultural heritage areas and a description of monitoring and assessing cultural heritage.

Altogether, all of these contributions are recognition that the inclusion of stakeholders, and especially local residents, is decisive for the effective management of cultural heritage areas. In a participative process, the values and ideas of residents are respected and used as a basis for including environmental aspects in the conventional manner of managing cultural heritage.


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10. July 2014


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