Rokopisna zbirka slovenskih krajevnih imen iz Metelkove zapuščine. Prva knjiga


Drago Trpin

The manuscript collection of the Slovenian National and University Library keeps as part of Franc Metelko’s legacy, under the call number MS 416, bilingual German-Slovenian lists of place names in Upper Carniola, Lower Carniola and in the Villach district of Carinthia dating back to 1823. In 1822 linguist Franc Metelko, as official translator, asked the regional government for a list of place names in the Ljubljana Governorate in German and Slovenian. The scribes of the then dominions prepared such lists in 1823. The material contains 3,178 place names, and to this number must be added 446 names, which Metelko selected partly from the obtained material and partly from other, probably also oral sources, and recorded them in a small notebook at his own discretion.

The historical source entitled 'The Manuscript Collection of Slovenian Place Names from Metelko's Legacy' is published in two volumes. The first volume includes a transcription of the entire material together with a translation of the accompanying German texts into Slovenian. The transcription and translation of the German parts of the lists and all official correspondence was performed by Drago Trpin, historian. The second volume contains the localization of places linking them to contemporary place names, as well as a linguistic commentary on the name forms attested in the source, usually with references to older and more recent historical records.



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2. February 2024

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