Slovar pregovorov in sorodnih paremioloških izrazov 2023

Slovar pregovorov in sorodnih paremioloških izrazov 2023 ('Dictionary of Proverbs and Similar Paremiological Expressions 2023') is the first paremiological dictionary for Slovenian. It shows proverbs and proverb-related (paremiological) expressions as independent headwords. It contains 400 headwords. Each headword is presented with the most frequently used basic form of the expression, the type of expression (paremiological genre), variants attested in contemporary material, an explanation of meaning and examples of usage from contemporary texts. The dictionary also shows semantically related expressions, if these are already included in the dictionary. Proverbs dominate among the headwords, but the dictionary also includes weather proverbs, proverbial sayings, folk beliefs (superstitions), slogans, antiproverbs, wellerisms, unconventional phraseological replies and other paremiological genres. The dictionary was compiled by analysing material from Slovenian language corpora, which contain a large number of different texts of modern Slovenian from the 1990s onwards and are available in the corpus of combined Slovenian corpora metaFida 1.0. When compiling the dictionary, we also used data collected by interviewing Slovenian speakers.


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4. April 2024

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