Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ

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Muzikološki inštitut / Institute of Musicology

The intention of this new on-line presentation of Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae – a series of critical editions of early musical works belonging to the treasures of the Slovenian cultural heritage – is twofold: to offer open access to existing editions and to prepare a platform for new, completely digital volumes in the series. We are starting by opening up to any interested musicologist and/or performer the fruits of nearly forty years of past research into the national musical heritage undertaken under the auspices of the Institute of Musicology. The earliest of the existing volumes date back to the early 1980s, and it should be noted here that in some cases recent research and the constant increase in data regarding sources worldwide (including ever more digitized originals etc.) have already appreciably transformed our knowledge of the published authors, their works, performance practice etc., so that new textual commentaries and corrigenda are called for. This is why we are adding new Introductions and Corrigenda to the original scanned editions, in order, at least, to draw the attention of the various users towards the new research and data that are available today. Second, the e-MAMS series is to become a platform to be developed over time into new, completely digital volumes containing our early musical heritage following the traditional scheme, but using modern technological support for the visual presentation of music.


Online ISSN 2712-3790
Print ISSN 0353-6408

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Iacobus Gallus: Opus musicum I/3. A dominica septuagesimae per quadragesimam de poenitentia

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ VII
Marko Motnik (ed.)
29. March 2023

Iacobus Gallus: Opus musicum I/2. De nativitate, circumcisione et epiphania Domini

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ VI
Marko Motnik (ed.)
28. March 2023

Iacobus Gallus: Opus musicum I/1. In adventu Domini nostri Iesu Christi

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ V.
Marko Motnik (ed.)
10. January 2023

Amandus Ivančič: Sonate a tre

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ I.
Metoda Kokole (ed.)
6. April 2020

Amandus Ivančič: Simfonije za dve violini in bas / Symphonies for Two Violins and Bass

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ III.
Metoda Kokole (ed.)
6. April 2020